Hey you, please just stop and be content

Captivated Visions has a new goodies out this week, and I love every single piece of this bundle.  It will pop that mojoless bubble you have been in lately.  LOL!!!
Bubblegum pop: Signature Collection


Hubby has been snapping and I have been scrappin’

Hubby has been practicing his skills as a photographer, so I have been “borrowing” his pictures to scrap.
Yes, this is the same picture, yes, I repeat pictures if I like them a lot… Yes, I will most likely scrap it again in color instead of b/w.
eskimoStyle-72ppicredits: Secret Crush Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Just Jaimee, Storyteller February 2014 Alpha Stamps {CU Available} by Just Jaimee, Templates: Polly Love – Dalis by Amy Martin, The BFF by Heather Joyce

FeelTheLove-72ppicredits: Sugar Free Bundle by Lauren Grier, Shawna Clingerman, and Studio Basic, DJB Fonts: Miss Mary Downton by Darcy Baldwin

Oh yeah, I snapped this one!
headOverHeels-72ppicredits: Head Over Heels Kit by creashens, Stencils No. 03 by creashens, DJB Fonts: Make a Statement by Darcy Baldwin

happiness-piggyback-72ppicredits: Balance by Lauren Grier and Sugarplum Paperie, DJB Fonts: Make a Statement by Darcy Baldwin

I snapped this one too, I was so happy how these pictures on her birthday turned out.  The light was just perfect and she was in the mood… double win for me.!

credits: In Your Dreams Kit by Traci Reed and Studio Basic, DJB Fonts: Make a Statement by Darcy Baldwin

Yep, you are not going crazy, this kiddo is growing like a weed.  This one is from just a couple days ago on Valentine’s day.
xoxoGoodDay-72ppicredits: A Brush Of Life Cards #1 by Studio Basic and Heather Greenwood, My Stamp Stash No. 15 by Krystal Hartley, In Your Dreams Kitby Traci Reed and Studio Basic, Rise And Shine by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Studio Basic, DJB Fonts: Make a Statement by Darcy Baldwin

Love challenge @ RLS

RLS just posted a LOVE challenge, so appropriate. I was scrapping with Michelle Godin’s new kit which is all about love.  It is a very romantic kit, not my usual take, but I love the page that came out of it.

Michelle Godin's Forever love kit

Here is my page.  I like how being part of a CT makes me use products that I wouldn’t have thought of using.  Sometimes to jump outside the box into “not your usual” is a good thing.  I think so, here is the proof.


Art Journaling – in a new way! (for me)

I have always been a HUGE fan of Rachel the mind and power behind Captivated Visions. Starting this year I started following her blog and reading all her tutorials. She puts out tutorials pretty frequently, which is an awesome plus for someone like me that likes doing Art Journaling(AJ), but feel we are “missing the mark”.
My Art Journals look more in to the scrappy side and I work hard trying to make my shadows look as realistic as possible. So why do you think I feel I am “missing the mark”? Well, I see Rachel’s AJ pages and they have a painty/transfer feel. You know the feel that someone did that on a page of a real Art Journal. I was so excited when it finally clicked when I read her latest tutorial Drop Shadow tips for Digital Art Journaling.  At the same time she posted this tutorial (more or less) she put out a brand new set of templates (called COLLAGED: Avocado & mint) to help you achieve a COLLAGE look.


Here is my page using this Collaged: Avocado & Mint template, a few more of her products and following her tips on her Drop Shadow tips for Digital Art Journaling blog post.

Find the beautiful
credits: All products by Captivated Visions: Collaged: Avocado & Mint Layered TemplateIt’s my journey: kitArtful Intentions: Papillon Place {Elements & Ephemera}My Heart is Full: Confetti Papers

Digi Dare #310

A new week at the Digi Dares, this week Britt posted a very CUTE Dare, I love light and happy dares too!  Here is my take on Digi Dare #310~

credits: Be my Valentine by Paula Kesselring Designs,Awesome sauce alpha 3 by Designs by Karah Fredricks, My Stamp Pad Alpha Brushes by Darcy Baldwin {Fontography}, DJB Font: Baby Bump by Darcy Baldwin

New CT member for Lynne-Marie

Check it out! I am there and so are some of the coolest scrappy friends in town… Does that makes me a cool scrappy friend too? I am sure it does! {giggle… giggle} Thanks for the chance Lynne-Marie designs

Let’s care!

Are we teaching our kids to “care”? Last night it was open house night at my daughter’s Elementary school. You could go anywhere between 6pm till 7:30pm. We arrived to the parking lot at 6:03pm and there is a Mercedes Benz SUV in front of us. I tell my husband, “is she really parking there?”. Yes, she was. This lady literally parked in the middle of the parking lot blocking all of us that were behind her. She looked the mess she made and kept walking. Again… if she “cared” about what she was teaching her kid at that moment it truly didn’t showed. So we had to part across the street at the middle school parking lot. In our way “in” to the Open House we were almost ran over  by PARENTS coming in and out of the school THREE TIMES! Yes, peeps THREE FREAKING TIMES, were we using the CLEARLY labeled cross walks, YES, WE WERE. (Because I am trying to teach my kid to CARE, about being visible so can drivers can spot her faster and everyone be SAFE). Before we got into the school my daughter tripped and fell down about 20 feet from the door. She was carrying some puppets she made for her daughter. She was crying inconsolably on the ground and trying to pick up her puppets. While my husband and I tried helping her and consoling her ONLY ONE PERSON stopped to help her. EVERYONE ELSE WALKED AROUND US… LOOKED AND KEPT GOING! We finished the open house at 7pm, there were still 30 mins to go, but we were tired and we saw the entire area where my daughter takes classes. We are waiting at the CLEARLY LABELED crosswalk at 7pm in the 20s and we are not given the right to walk, we had to wait until ALL THE PARENTS have gone by to cross. When we start crossing we had to back away again because this FAMILY GUY is coming out of the parking lot and does NOT allows us to keep crossing the street. Inside the car a woman that looks like a mom and two kids in the back. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?
Now I asked you again? Are we teaching our kids to “care”? … to “care” about the people walking in the street that are freezing to the core trying to get to their car or house… to “care” for the person who dropped something even if it is an “un-important” item for us?… or simply to “care”.
Sorry for the big post… gosh but I am just sad that we are heading where we are heading for a simple thing as “not caring”.

Digi Dares #309

When Cynthia posted this in our private darer section I loved the idea, but then started thinking… wow, I don’t want to give this person any hold over me. He is gone and I am happy… so of course I remembered of the song that makes me know I am free of those bad habits and people… Gives Hell by American Rejects.  So here is my take on Digi Dare #309.

credits: Too Much Damage Elements by Paula Kesselring, Amore Mio Brushes by Paula Kesselring, Amore Mio Ephemera by Paula Kesselring, Ephemera #1 by Paula Kesselring, Too much Damage Papers by Paula Kesselring, {Sew Artsy: just the stitches} by Michelle Godin, DJB Fonts: Chalk It Up and My Boys stamped it by Darcy Baldwin

4 products, ONE page

Do you get inspired by kits or by products?  For me it depends, a bit of both I guess.  This time I have no clue what pictures I am going to be using but I know I want to incorporate all of these 4 products.  I dare you to pick 4 products and scrap this final day of the weekend.  What super bowl? Accept it you are there for the commercials and the chips… grab the chips and follow me to scrappin’ heaven!

Conversation with a 6 yr old – Vol. 1

Bianca: Mommy are there princesses in real life?
Daddy: Yes, they are all around the world.
Mommy: Not too long ago a prince got married, they had a royal wedding.
Bianca: He married a princess?
Mommy: No, he married a normal girl… and now she is a princess.
Bianca: But are there really princesses and kings and queens.
Mommy: Yes, remember that prince we were talking about? His grandmother is the queen of England.
Bianca: Ewwww, he married his grandmother??!?!?!?!
Daddy and Mommy: NO!!!!! (laughing uncontrollably)

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